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Lansing Historical Association Outhouse Project
Although many have considered themselves fortunate never to have used this objectionable architectural structure, others feel they were denied the immeasurable pleasures that can come only from the rainy night dashes, the frozen bare flesh, the terror of angry hornets, the odiferous assault on the sinuses and the unspeakable tricks on Halloween.

Early School Records for Lansing, New York
Common School districts within New York State were required to submit an annual report to the local Commissioner of Schools. These documents list early inhabitants named on those reports. They are being provided to assist researchers in placing certain families in the Lansing area, when other records are not available.


Books and publications about Lansing History
Lansing Historical Association provides local history publications primarily for educational purposes. The donations received for these items will allow the Association to continue reprinting and publishing local history. These items make a wonderful addition to any book collection and make great gifts.


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A membership in the Lansing Historical Association entitles you to a copy of the LHA Newsletter published four (4) times a year.  Spring and Fall (April and October) Public Programs are the fourth Thursday of the month usually in the evening at the All Saints Parish Hall.


Other Lansing Historical Association Projects
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At one time there were 23 schoolhouses in the Town of Lansing.  Today many of them are privately owned.  We have pictures of some of those that still exist.
There are many churches in Lansing, some that are no longer used as churches, but still stand in all their glory.  This collection shows some that we have pictures of.
The Rogues Harbor Inn dates back to 1830.  It has a varied history as an inn, pub, restaurant, and even at one time a country club, although in those days it was a place in the country to visit, not a golf club.
The North Log Cabin is the oldest log cabin in Tompkins and Cayuga Counties.  Originally built near the intersection of Conlon and Searles Roads in Lansing, it spent half a century at Auburn's Cayuga Museum.  It is currently disassembled back in Lansing, and some residents are hoping it will be erected on a spot at the entrance to Salt Point.  Visit
Portland Cement Building Portland Point Cement Works was a major Lansing industry in its day.  Today Portland Point is privately owned.  The only remnant of the once thriving cement plant is the storage building, which was recently given a new roof.

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